ADR carriage of dangerous goods

Safe carriage with ADR transport! The safety of both your goods and our drivers alike always comes first. This is why all our vehicles are legally compliant and designed to transport hazardous substances. This way you can rest assured that your consignment will be delivered safe and sound.

European regulations on ADR transport are continuously being updated and tightened. So transporting dangerous goods properly yourself is not becoming any easier. Leave it all to us!

All our drivers hold an ADR certificate, so that every journey is safe and regulated. This means that as a customer you do not have to wait around for a qualified driver to become available, meaning all our deliveries run very smoothly. We arrange the necessary statutory training courses for this, so that all drivers hold an ADR licence and are qualified for the carriage of dangerous goods. We also give our employees regular training in their knowledge of ADR, so that everyone is familiar with its operation and safety regulations.

Safety first!

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