Delivery to Germany

We have our own branch in Germany, in combination with our partner groups Elvis and VTL, making JET a specialist operator in Germany with wide coverage. This means we can deliver your consignments to their destination in under 24 hours! This transit time is permanently guaranteed thanks to having our own branch and a smooth network of business partners. Just as in the rest of Europe, all our transport services are available when going to Germany. Both FTL and groupage alike.

FTL transport refers to full truck loads. The vehicle is fully loaded, so it drives straight from the point of loading to the final destination. So the vehicle is only carrying a single load and is therefore fully loaded.

On the other hand, do you only have a light load to send out or a limited number of goods? Then you need groupage! Starting from just 1 pallet or a minimum of 100 kilos, you can share transport costs with our other customers. Groupage is where we transport several smaller consignments in a single container. By combining several consignments, we can offer our customers substantial savings! This is also a quick and cost-effective method for smaller companies with smaller loads to transport. In contrast to FTL, this is where we use groupage, where the vehicle is not fully loaded and can be happily shared by several customers to keep costs down. Several shipments each day provides a high degree of flexibility and versatility.

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